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Harry Gold has been an elected board member of the ATA for over 20 years.

About TalentWorks

Proudly celebrating our 36th year in the business

TalentWorks was founded in 1982 by Harry Gold, a former professional actor. The agency was conceived from that perspective. Originally called Harry Gold & Associates and afterward Gold, Marshak, the agency was permanently named TalentWorks in 2004. TalentWorks represents actors of all ages in Film, TV, Theater and Commercials and is considered one of the finest and most enduring talent agencies in the business.

Harry Gold


Born in Paris, France and raised in New York City, Harry Gold began his career in entertainment as an actor, cast in the Broadway hit Oliver at age 12. He then went on to appear in various other productions on and off-broadway while also appearing in many commercials and voice-overs. Harry studied at the Actor’s Studio in New York as well as with Herbert Berghoff and Joseph Anthony.  Read More

Sue Wohl

Senior VP

Suzanne Wohl has been a major building block in the growth of TalentWorks.  She has a true passion and vision for the actor’s journey. She hails from Montreal and also spent significant time growing up in New York and San Diego. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and also attended film school at York University in Toronto. Following her move to Hollywood-  she worked in the talent department of one of the large agencies prior to her distinguished career at Talent Works. Read More

Brandy Gold


Brandy began working in show  business literally from birth. She was born into a show business family.  Being the middle daughter of five girls, she immediately followed in her older sisters footsteps and began acting at the age of one.  Brandy proceeded to do numerous commercials, pilots, a few series, as well as some feature films. When she was twelve, Brandy decided to quit acting to continue her education and follow her dream to work along side of her father as a talent agent. She attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon where she majored in theatre and minored in business. Read More

Marion Kammer


Marion Campbell Kammer was born and raised in Dayton, OH.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio University in 1999 and began working in Hollywood shortly thereafter.  She has been an agent at TalentWorks since 2004. Read More

August Kammer


August Kammer hails from Bloomfield Hills, MI and attended Occidental College where he double majored in Economics and History. His love of the performing arts led him to Hollywood and agenting.  He has been with TalentWorks since 2004 and has enjoyed every minute of it.  August is a lover of golf, skydiving, and the Detroit Lions. Read More

Jason Hyman


Jason Hyman grew up in Diamond Bar, California. He graduated from San Diego State University, earning degrees in History and Film. After a short stint at a well-known radio station Jason interviewed at TalentWorks and worked his way up to the position he holds today. Read More

Pietra Ingenito

Head of Youth Department

Pietra Ingentio grew up in Washington, DC and graduated in 3 years from Virginia Commonwealth University with degrees in Public Relations and Criminal Justice. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she began what is commonly known as “the hustle,” tackling positions at two well-known agencies before landing at TalentWorks. Through hard work, determination, and ambition paralleled only by the rap legends of old, Pietra worked her way up to being an agent.

Jonathan Yue

Theatrical Agent

Marina Cook


Marina Gurevich was born in Moscow, USSR and at the age of 14 immigrated to Calgary, Canada, where she graduated High School and subsueqntly received a business degree from University Of Calgary, Alberta. But what she really wanted to do is go west in search of the American dream. Read More

Zackary Gilanyi

Director of Agency Affairs



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